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Dear Faith Families of St. Ann, St. John and St. James:

As we continue with our Renew My Church process, we are soon coming to the end of the naming phase on our side as parishioners. The process will be completed when the Cardinal returns the chosen name of our unified church. The next step is that of forming a Unity Team. We will start the process of unifying our ministries and all our schedules. We all know well what unity calls for: sacrifice and service and dedication.

When I talk of UNITY, what comes to my mind immediately is the sacrament of marriage. This sacrament calls for the two married couples to be ONE. And the word LOVE is repeated more than once during the preparation and more than ten times during the ceremony on the wedding day. I am not going to bore you with a long story of what happens AFTER the married couple return from the honeymoon. Certainly; they find great joy in each other's company. The couple is convinced that their love was preordained in heaven and meant to last for eternity. And this is what we pray for during the wedding ceremony: "That they may all be one!" But when human beings are very close to each other, problems inevitably occur. Tensions arise. They discover that they did not marry an angel after all, but a human being wounded by sin and selfishness. They are surprised the poverty they discover in each other. The honeymoon is over!

This is likely to happen in many situations when we humans get together. I am praying-as the members of this ONE parish of Sts. Ann, James, and John-that we may be ONE! I pray that if you are approached to serve on this Unity Committee, you give it your all to let the Spirit of God be your guide as you help others to be one.

A man tells of being on a bus tour in Rome which was led by a guide who spoke English. Their first stop was a basilica in a piazza which was surrounded by several lanes of relentless Roman traffic. After they were all safely dropped off, the group climbed the steps for a quick tour of the church. Then they spread out to board the bus, which was parked across the street from the church. The frantic guide shouted for the group to stay together. He hollered out to them, "You cross one by one, they hit you one by one. But if you cross together, they think you will hurt the car!" There is always much to be said for unity, particularly the unity of the Spirit. We are one family of faith that will need to fight off any divisive ideologies that might divide us.

As we come together as ONE PARISH, we are going to be called at times to leave behind statements like: "This is how we have done it always," or, "This is our Church building." The hours of our Mass schedule will change, our office hours and days will certainly change. We are going to have ONE BULLETIN and ONE WEBSITE and many of our ministries will be one. We have to start looking at each other as ONE Parish. One family coming together, united for the Mission of Christ.

We as humans fear change because it is full of the unknown. But we are sure that things will get better as we continue to work together as ONE family! Today, I request each and every one of you to reflect on the ways you personally might be looking for comfort, security, and happiness in the things you are used to. Tangibly find a way to become independent from that "thing" so that you can become more dependent on God. Let us pray for unity of this family of faith.

Fr. Mark Kalema, Pastor


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